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Jul 6, 2013 5:30pm PDT
. summary. essential things we have learned about the crash at sfo. >> boeing 777 crash landed at 11:27. calling it a hard landing. show you video from minutes after the crash. the plane which was operated by asiana, airlines, took off from shanghai, seoul korea, to sfo, 10 1/2 hour flight. 60 people remain unaccounted for. doesn't mean 60 people are dead. at this point. don't know where they are. some may have been moved off to hospital. there may be some manifest name issues. sochl tra some translation issues. at this point. 60 unaccounted for. we have twoÑnfirmed dead. 130 taken to different hospitals. 190 people though initially walked off that plane. and of that group, then, some were later transported. and taken to the hospital. with less serious injuries. sfo was shut down for four hours after the crash. but now, at least two run ways at this point are open. we'll continue off to bring the latest developments as we learn more about what happened. ntsb is on its way here. threesent out to secure the scene. police told us the scene at the airport in terms of this airliner have
Jul 6, 2013 9:00pm PDT
at sfo. >> cheryl: i'm cheryl jennings. >> dan: i'm dan ashley. everyone is accounted for and no more missing passengers. >> cheryl: 307 people were on board from south korea when it crash landed around 11:30 this morning. >> moments after it struck the ground and moments before it completely burst into flames, but as you can see it was burning pretty ferociously. two people were killed. >> 182 were taken to the hospital. amy hollyfield begins our live team coverage with the latest briefing at sfo. amy? >> reporter: we have learned much more about the moments after the crash. fire chief tells us it was a difficult scene at first. the two bodies were found outside the plane. she says on board there were people that needed rescuing. there were passengers in the water at the water's edge. she says she doesn't think they were ejected but they were dousing themselves from the fire. fire chief told us that the tail of the plane was separated by several hundred feet. there were copious amounts of smoke and confusion and chaos. she and mayor expressed gratitude and some shock there were so ma
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)